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Learning is made interesting and enjoyable

A+PLUS was founded with the goal of facilitating academic success for students around the world. To make sure each student is given the opportunity to develop academically and to enhance their potential.


To improve students’ academic performance through quality tutoring.


Globally, we strive to offer education and excellence to every child.

“Our Story”

How did it all begin?

Lily Raj


Rumalda Ria


As a mother-daughter duo, Lily and Rumalda founded A+Plus Online Tutoring, sharing a dedicated vision to enable students around the world to reach their academic potential and achieve outstanding grades. The objective is to target and strengthen the basic conceptual knowledge of the student as per their curriculum. Lily is a dedicated math teacher who has been in the profession for over 20 years. Lily’s early childhood was afflicted by polio, although her passion for education didn’t stop her from becoming a teacher. Her career began taking home tuitions for math during her college years. As she was reaching her forties, she started her ownhome-based math center. Her passion for Math and her love of teaching led her to broaden her horizons. As a result, in 2015, she began taking online math classes. But this was not the end of her journey. Having become an experienced tutor herself, she decided to provide online tutoring to help students learn from expert tutors around the globe. Founded in 2016, A+PLUS began with a small group of passionate and dedicated teachers. In 2020, Rumalda Ria, Lily’s daughter and a commerce graduate, who was inspired by her mother’s venture, joined hands with Lily to take over the helm. Rumalda manages her endless list of to-dos with grace and multitasks with ease. She provides her mother complete support in all areas, and together they grew A+PLUS to its full potential.

How can parents benefit from online tutoring for their children?

For parents seeking academic help outside of the classroom, tutoring becomes a viable option. As a result of Internet options, tutoring today has experienced tremendous growth. Nevertheless, parents often wonder if online learning is the best option when it comes to their child’s learning and family needs. In such a situation, A+PLUS offers a convenient and effective solution.

  • When your child is back from school in the evening, their day is still far from over
  • Traveling a long distance to the tutoring center and sitting through long tutoring sessions are exhausting…
  • This is what most of the students undergo when they opt for tutoring sessions
  • Furthermore, you might not be assured of a quality tutoring service


  • Your child is taught by the best tutors across the globe
  • They can learn from the comfort of their home and save plenty of time.

Yes! That’s Exactly What You Get at A+PLUS.

Online Tutor

To meet your child’s educational needs, we provide comprehensive, optimal solutions.

  • With 1-on-1 tutoring, your child gets proper attention and homework assistance.
  • Where a selected online team of tutors provide your child a unique learning experience.
  • Classes are scheduled at times convenient for the student, which fits around their busy schedules.
  • As every child is unique, we figure out their needs and assign them the most suited tutor, making learning fun and effective.
  • Our academic counselors keep track of your child’s performance monitoring their learning and facilitating coordination between students, tutors, and parents.
  • Guaranteed Grade Improvement
  • Periodic assessments & feedback sessions.
  • All at an affordable fee with high-quality teaching
  • Right at home at your convenience
  • So no more tired evenings, tight schedules, and no more learning difficulty EVER AGAIN.

Each child is gifted and possesses a unique way of learning and understanding. As a result, we ensure that each student is taught at their own pace without imposing any pressure on their learning potential

Happy Parents & Students

Since I started my tutoring at A+PLUS, I found a lot of differences in my ability to handle my studies. The teachers are patient and helpful in clearing doubts, their step-by-step approach enables me to push myself further to solve new problems and has helped me to gain confidence.


Student - Grade 10 - IGCSE – Singapore

After attending tuition at A+PLUS, Nivedha's fear of math disappeared. She now handles sums with ease at any given time. Additionally, tutors follow each kid even on holidays to help them succeed academically.

Parent of Nivedha Baskar


I am taking Spanish language and Physics from A+PLUS Online Tutoring. The teachers have first understood my shortcomings and have helped me overcome them, as well as patiently cleared up my doubts. I have gained enough confidence in both subjects over the past year and managed to improve my grades.


Student - Grade 10 - IGCSE – Singapore

A+PLUS has made a positive impact on my son's life. I've always believed that a successful teacher needs to inspire students to make unusual efforts and turn average people into winners. Since my son attended math classes in A+PLUS, his performance has drastically improved. He praises the teacher's method of instruction and ability to explain concepts in a way he understands.

Father of R Pavan

Grade 9 – CBSE - INDIA

I look forward to Tutoring sessions as I feel I have grown to enjoy math because of A+PLUS Online Tutoring. Thank you A+PLUS Online Tutoring.


Student - Grade 8 – Washington, USA

Advaith has been studying at A+PLUS for the past year. His grades are below average. My boy would not have learned his lessons without the support of A+PLUS and the sincere efforts of his teacher. The teacher has been a great support to the student as well as the parent.

Parent of Advaith

Grade 10 – CBSE – India

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