Online tutoring has now become a crucial part of the education system. With the onset of the pandemic crisis, it is seen that the education system has changed dramatically with online schooling, tutoring, and e-learning. As a result of the lockdown, the estimation is that 1.2 billion children were out of regular schools and changed to complete online teaching courses without any contact with teachers. Among different boards, IGCSE Online Tutoring is designed to offer a flexible learning experience without hassles.

IGCSE generally stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE generally provides a recognized value in international examinations. The students who completed IGCSE were certified with internationally recognized qualifications. The Cambridge IGCSE throws light on a student’s ability. Starting from the introduction, it adds breadth and cross-curricular perspectives. It is not as similar to regular boards, it evokes the reasoning, aptitude, and creativity of learners. As a whole, there are almost 70 subjects available in the IGCSE curriculum inclusive of languages. The main advantage is that students can choose a combination of the subjects as per their preferences. The syllabus of IGCSE has an international outlook but retains a local relevance.

Need for IGCSE Online Tutoring

Aplus Online tutoring offers tutoring for IGCSE students with 1 to 1 tutoring sessions. This helps students to keep up learning at their pace or speed. One of the major benefits of online tutoring is that you can have your pick of high-quality online tutors from around the world. The online tutors guide and show the right path of preparation for every child. As the IGCSE syllabus is vast and requires continuous revisions, a student needs to take online tutoring classes. Frequent assessments help students identify their weaker areas of study and develop their academics. Regular revisions clear the doubts and make a clear picture of the concepts.

Features of IGCSE Online Tutoring

Aplus online tutoring provides well-versed IGCSE tutors, one who completely understands the IGCSE curriculum and IGCSE evaluation system. The punctuality and regularity of classes make our tutors complete their syllabus at the right time. Aplus understands all your tutoring requirements, then analyzes and assigns you with the best teaching staff on board. Apart from teaching, our tutors regularly carry out assessments and send feedback. As the proverb says, Practice makes a man perfect, with continuous assessments the students feel easy to crack the exams of the IGCSE board. We also send parents the feedback on students’ academic performance. It is easy to track the students’ caliber too. Parents will experience a definite improvement in their children after opting for Aplus IGCSE Online Tutoring classes.

How to Choose the Right Online Tutoring Service?

Here comes, some of the most simple but important points on choosing the right IGCSE Online Tutoring services,

Company Profiles

Consider the legacy of the company in online tutoring. Check whether the company has certified staff for all the boards of education. Go for services that could understand and fulfill your expectations in teaching subjects. Among different Online tutoring services floating in this sector, choose the one that is on par with your requirements.

Approach Towards Curriculum

Besides being a tutor, the staff should be friendly enough to discuss the topics and doubts with the students. The tutor should access the learners current level of understanding concepts and customize the classes according to that. Tutors should have clear goals for the result. Setting goals makes it easier for the students, tutors, and parents to track children’s performance during the course of study. Experienced IGCSE Online Tutoring services always understand the students grasping capacity and build plans according to their individual needs.

Learning Resources

Besides lectures and classes, students should have varied learning resources available in the tutoring platform. Learning resources like worksheets, recorded sessions & detailed sessions, detailed portals, and external links will support students beyond scheduled sessions. Furthermore, the learning platform should be with a user-friendly interface. IGCSE Online Tutoring teaches your children real-world skills and well-rounded development.

Cost Considerations

Be mindful in choosing individual tutors, the major factor in tutoring charges is time. Tutors cost charges as per academic hours ie., time taken for a class. Have a quick check on whether they are delivering lessons with expertise and make the best use of stipulated time. Make worth of your money by choosing the best staff who help you reach the best results.

Check Reviews and Take the Trial Session

Before choosing an online tutor, keep in mind to check students’ reviews. It may provide you with some ideas about the tutor, thus keeping it easy to choose the tutor. Take a trial session, so it gives you a perfect idea to choose the online tutors.

Why Choose Aplus Online Tutoring for IGCSE Curriculum?

  • One-to-one interactive online tutoring sessions
  • High expertise and experienced tutor for all subjects
  • Guaranteed grade development
  • Tech-developed classes with multimedia teaching facilities
  • Easy understanding with visual explanations

On the whole opting for IGCSE Online Tutoring will help you clearly understand the concepts and will help to keep the concepts in mind forever. When teaching is related to practical real-life experience, subjects become easier. Thus it makes the IGCSE syllabus easier. However, IGCSE is a tough syllabus, you can easily crack the exams with Aplus Online Tutoring services!

IGCSE Online Tutoring

How A+PLUS can help you get an A* in your subjects:

  • We at A+Plus understand the learning style, core strengths, and weaknesses of each student and formulate a custom-tailored study agenda.
  • All students at A+Plus receive top-notch instruction from highly qualified, experienced IGCSE professionals regardless of their background.
  • Students can discuss their issues and have doubt sessions with their tutors whenever needed.
  • We focus on long-term academic growth and success.


IGCSE Literature in English helps students read, interpret, and evaluate texts by introducing them to the various genres. Students develop an understanding of literal meaning, relevant contexts, and deeper themes or attitudes reflected in the text.

The IGCSE Mathematics curriculum helps students gain competence, confidence, and fluency in the use of mathematical techniques and provides a strong foundation in mathematics for both candidates wishing to study mathematics at a higher level, and those who need mathematics to support the content in other subjects.

IGCSE Science curriculum enables learners to study Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, each covered in its own section of the syllabus.

IGCSE Physics enables learners to understand the technological world in which they live and to take an active interest in science and scientific developments. In addition, learners gain an understanding of the scientific skills necessary to progress to Cambridge International AS & A Levels, further education, or a career in science.

IGCSE Chemistry curriculum helps students to understand the technological world in which they live and takes an informed interest in science and scientific developments. This syllabus covers the fundamental principles and concepts of chemistry, some current applications of chemistry, and a strong emphasis on practical skills.

Biology IGCSE curriculum helps learners develop an understanding of the biological world in which they live and a positive interest in scientific research and developments. Besides the basic principles and concepts of biology, there are some current applications of the subject, and a strong emphasis is placed on practical skills.

The IGCSE Chemistry curriculum develops learners’ skills in computation and encourages them to use computers to solve problems. Using algorithms and high-level programming languages, they create computer-based solutions to problems.

The IGCSE Accounting curriculum introduces students to the theoretical concepts and applications of accounting in economic and business contexts today. Students develop the skills of recording, reporting, presenting, and interpreting financial information, laying the foundation for a future career in finance.

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