In 1958, the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) was created for the purpose of administering the examination conducted in India by Cambridge University. In India, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a private, non-government education board that conducts two exams: the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the Indian School Certificate (ISC). The Board of ICSE is one of the largest boards in the world catering for general education in the English language. It focuses on students’ overall development and growth as it aims to provide a balanced curriculum to all its students. The ICSE Board teaches through theme-based learning, a technique that identifies a child’s strengths and encourages him or her to develop them on various projects and experiences.

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The ICSE/ISC English curriculum helps students to develop and integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as a means to effective communication and literature. Students gain a functional understanding of the language’s grammar, structure, and idiom.

Mathematics curriculum provides students with a comprehensive understanding of mathematical terms, symbols, concepts, procedures, proofs, etc. It is designed to help students apply their knowledge of mathematics to real-life situations. Students will study mathematical concepts and learn how to apply them in future mathematics and science studies and become more analytical and rational thinkers as a result.

The ICSE/ISC Science curriculum provides students with a wealth of knowledge and information which will contribute to their overall understanding of how and why things work. It examines the mechanics and reasons for the daily operation of complex systems, from the human body to modern modes of transportation.

In ICSE/ISC Social Studies, students develop an understanding of their social environment and the pivotal role they play in it. It introduces students to History, Geography, and Civics as a means of preparing them for middle school where these subjects will be an important component of the curriculum. The books in the series contain many activities, illustrations, and images that will capture young minds.

ICSE/ISC Physics curriculum encourages students to acquire knowledge and skills in terms, facts, concepts, definitions, laws, principles, and processes of physics. To provide students with opportunities to learn about practical aspects of handling instruments, recording observations, drawing diagrams, graphs, etc.

The ICSE/ISC Chemistry curriculum provides students with the opportunity to learn associated terms, concepts, processes, procedures, and principles. To adapt knowledge of the contents and principles of chemistry to unfamiliar situations and to know the importance of Chemical Science in the cycle of nature, natural resources, and pollution on the environment.

A key objective of the ICSE/ISC Biology curriculum is to help students develop an understanding of the interdependence of plants and animals, thereby enabling them to develop a better understanding of life and its importance to human welfare. The ability to understand the capacities and limitations of all biological and economic activities in order to make better use of them.

The ICSE/ISC History curriculum helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of those aspects of Indian history that are crucial to understanding contemporary India. To provide an overview of world history as it relates to various cultures’ contributions to mankind as a whole.

The ICSE/ISC Civils curriculum provides students with the opportunity to become enlightened and responsible citizens in a secular democracy through an understanding of the functioning of the Indian government. Students will gain an appreciation for the various streams that have contributed to the growth and development of India’s nation and civilization.

The ICSE/ISC Geography curriculum helps students understand how natural resources are used and how different regions have developed over time. Students also gain an understanding of geographic terms, concepts, and principles.

ICSE/ISC Commercial Applications helps students develop a perceptive, sensitive, and critical approach to the role of business in a simple manner and provides appropriate knowledge and skills that can be applied either to further study or employment.

The ICSE/ISC Commercial Studies curriculum is designed to help students develop a cooperative attitude through the study of the organization and participation associated with commerce and industry.

ICSE/ISC Economic Applications curriculum helps students to become familiar with basic economic concepts and economic phenomena and develop analytical skills. Providing students with hands-on experience in the analysis of economic problems they regularly encounter.

ICSE/ISC Computer Applications curriculum allows students to understand the concepts and practices of Computer science. Students learn the implications of computer use in contemporary society.

The ICSE/ISC Accounts curriculum provides students with knowledge of accounting principles and the ability to record transactions and interpret individual and business accounts.

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