What is the IB Board of Education?

IB (International Baccalaureate) is a worldwide, non-profit organization providing students the opportunity in developing & inquiring knowledge to attain education excellency for the globalizing world. As a cause of Covid-19, students are opting for online education programs. As far as now, The IB curriculum is much harder than other curriculums. So, your children may face real struggles to cope with the IB syllabus. To avoid those circumstances, hire IB Online Tutors from the best IB online tutoring services.

IB programs empower school students to learn intellectual, emotional, personal, and social skills. It motivates students to take ownership of their own learning and helps them acquire future-ready skills. IB offers four challenging, high-quality educational programs for students of age 3 to 19. Aplus online tutoring provides IB Online Tutors for all these programs Primary years Programme (PYP), Middle years program (MYP), Diploma Program (DP), and career-related programs. All these curricula consist of six main subjects.

Benefits of IB Curriculum

IB curriculum has a high acceptance rate on a global level. Students holding an IB degree have a greater chance of acquiring granted scholarships. The approach toward the IB curriculum and method of instruction develops students to think elaborately. Students passing out of the IB curriculum develop the habit of lifelong learning. Parents can experience that students out of IB board can face uncertainties with better approaches. IB course of study not only focuses on academics, but also focuses more on life-facing skills.

Students of IB can explore disciplines and cultures from a global perspective. Students seek and evaluate a variety of perceptions and seek to be more creative and imaginative. Along with these cognitive skills, students also learn the morality of life principles like honesty, integrity, and respect through online classes.

Why Choose IB Online Tutors?

IB Programme is a rigorous one and it requires a subject expert to teach it. It accounts for 20% of internal assessments and 80% of final exams. Every year only a small percentage of students are getting top marks. Choosing an IB Online tutor helps your children stand out from the competition. What follows are the benefits of hiring online tutors for IB,

  • As other subjects are more theoretical, Mathematics tutors need special teaching skills and tools online. A perfect IB Math Tutor Online, explains all the concepts in an easily understandable manner to students. This automatically boosts up the learning process for a student in a progressive manner.
  • A good tutor has rich experience in all the subjects of the IB curriculum. They narrow your focus of studies so that you can spend more time on weaker subject areas.
  • One-to-one tutoring makes a productive study experience. You can get answers to your endless doubts at the end of each session. Repetitive explanations are given for your doubts until you understand them.
  • Students can learn at their own convenience and their own pace. As Aplus online tutoring is well integrated with technology, we provide 3D visual representations, and video libraries, which are very useful to explain subjects like math. Our IB Math Tutor Online makes the best use of these resources to explain the theories and concepts.
  • Students can reduce their travel time and earn more time for study by opting for IB tutors. The tutors also help with simplified & great study techniques.
  • IB Online Tutors provide regular reports on students’ performance. With Aplus Online tutors, they are evaluated based on the student’s ability to analyze problems, critical thinking capacity, synthesizing information, and justifying responses.

Background Checklist Before Choosing IB Tutors Online

  • Check for the qualification and experience of all IB tutors. Look for the credentials and student reviews of the chosen IB tutors.
  • Attend or watch any of their demo classes, so that you will completely understand their teaching method for every subject.
  • A tutor should have adept patience in listening to doubts and viewpoints. They should clearly explain the doubts to get the concepts clear. As well as students should feel free to ask doubts of the tutors.
  • IB Math Tutor Online can tailor its teaching techniques to the child’s specific needs. It is more important to impart the concepts in a way that the students can understand.
  • Tutors should have effective communication skills that are useful for the development of children’s communication skills.

Why Choose Aplus Online Tutoring for the IB Curriculum?

  • Aplus online tutoring is offering IB tutors for all subjects from staff worldwide.
  • Tutors customize the classes as per the student’s requirements.
  • Aplus helps in making it possible and easier to crack with higher ranks. Our tutors pay special attention to each student and improve their academic performance.
  • Aplus online tutoring schedules timings of online coaching sessions according to your convenience. We offer IB online tutoring classes at affordable prices.
  • Our IB Math Tutor Online uses appropriate real-time examples to reach out to different kinds of learners. Our adroit IB tutors analyze students’ understanding capacity and plan the techniques and study materials according to that.
IB Online Tutors

How can A+Plus help you?

A+Plus offers personalized one-on-one tutoring taught by tutors with vast experience in the field of teaching the IB curriculum. We make it possible for students to obtain quality learning and improved grades from expert tutors from around the world. Tutors create lesson plans on observing the student’s performance that concentrates on the weaker areas of the student. This approach is proven to deliver academic success for students. Tutors challenge students with questions that boost their quantitative aptitude to improve their thinking capability. Along with helping students with their academic skills, our online tutors provide them with skills to succeed in life.


In the IB language and literature course, students will explore how language reflects and shapes experiences, as well as how individuals play a role in shaping the world. Among its objectives are the development of skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing, presenting, and performing, as well as skills in interpretation, analysis, and evaluation.

IB Mathematics is centered on developing important mathematical concepts in a comprehensible, coherent, and rigorous way through a carefully balanced approach. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve abstract problems as well as those that are set in a variety of meaningful contexts.

The IB Physics curriculum promotes knowledge, curiosity, caring, compassion, and intercultural understanding in addition to developing open-mindedness and the ability to respect and evaluate a variety of points of view.

The IB Chemistry curriculum is an experimental science that emphasizes the development of practical and investigative skills along with academic study. Students learn the principles underpinning both our physical environment and our biological systems.

The IB Biology curriculum teaches about the enormous diversity of species and how it is both fascinating and challenging at the same time. From the micro to the macro, students learn how biologists attempt to understand the living world using many different approaches and techniques.

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