Is there a time when you have spent endless hours studying and didn’t get the grades you expected and wondered “Where did I go wrong?”

If you are working hard yet not getting the grades you deserve, you need to learn a few techniques that help you reduce stress and study smarter.

As a result, A+PLUS has put together the top 6 essential techniques that every CBSE student should know and practice.

Do your daily lessons

Daily study plans are rare among students, but they are an important technique. The majority of students we meet at A+PLUS do not have a proper study schedule or an everyday goal.

You may wonder, “Why must I set a study goal every day?”

One of the main reasons for having a study goal every day is to improve grades, and studying in small chunks every day also reduces stress. Hence, consider setting daily goals such as revising a school chapter, working through some math problems, or focusing on a difficult topic.


Avoid distractions

In today’s digital world, students face many distractions. Distractions can make it more difficult to accomplish a task.

It is important to have a quiet area where you can study without distractions. If you are doing your homework while watching television, you are wasting your time. It is obvious that the brain will focus on what you enjoy the most, which is watching television. Hence, set a dedicated homework time and avoid any distractions until you’ve finished the task.


Don’t multitask

It is common for students to multitask while working on schoolwork, completing homework assignments, or studying for tests. Taking on too many tasks at once results in a high level of stress and brain drain.

When you try to do two things at once, your brain cannot cope. You lose efficiency and performance because your brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

According to research, multitasking makes us less productive, and monotasking is better for our health and productivity.

At A+PLUS, we encourage our students to finish one chapter or topic before moving on to the next.


Focus on the difficult chapters

Identify the difficult chapters and focus on them. Don’t skip or ignore it. Focus on the areas that need more attention by asking yourself the following questions.

How thorough am I with this chapter?

What is my weakest subject?

How much will I rate my knowledge on this particular chapter?

Studying a topic you find difficult may seem time-consuming at first, but you will be able to make better use of your study time if you focus on it will help you in the long run.


Practice previous years’ papers

If your exams are approaching soon, you may want to attempt some recent years’ questions or sample papers. Focus on the latest years of question papers and attempt most of them rather than practicing very old ones.

By practicing previous years’ papers, you’ll gain a better understanding of the pattern, and question trends, and gain more confidence.


Practice always

Practicing isn’t just repeating a task. Neither your performance nor skill will be improved by this. It is important to practice deliberately so that you can acquire new knowledge and skills in an effective way.

The best way to avoid repeating your common mistakes is to practice them until you don’t make them. Practicing the questions or formulas that you often forget helps you improve your focus and reflect on your shortcomings.

By setting goals and practicing your mistakes specifically, you can maximize your time and efficiency, and ultimately achieve the best results.


Hence, these techniques will assist you in practicing a good study schedule and help you achieve the grades you seek.


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