Planning and organizing your time is the key to time management.
For high-school students, time management is crucial as they have to deal with more subjects, assignments, classes, and other responsibilities.
Since time is limited, many students fail to master the art of managing time and get lower grades in their exams.

With exams approaching, you should focus on managing your time wisely to strike the right balance between home, school, and your leisure time. It’s also a good idea to eat some brain food – and not just crisps!
Here are 3 effective ways to save time and get the best results from your study sessions.


Create an organized study schedule

Keeping a schedule will help you plan your daily study goals so that assignments and lessons can be completed on time.
Start with small steps. Make a weekly time schedule.
Write down all your essential exam dates, deadlines, classes, activities, and so on. Pick a few hours maybe after school or early morning and focus on learning the hardest topics. This helps you to prepare everything beforehand and keeps you on track.
In your planner, you can set aside specific times for your playtime or extracurricular activities and for study time. In this way, you’ll avoid spending hours in front of a screen instead of working on assignments, and you’ll stay organized. A schedule or plan must also be altered and changed constantly.


Wake up early

Have you ever felt that you don’t have enough time to study after coming back from school? However, waking up early could be an extraordinary time-saving hack, and a lot of students never really make use of their morning time before school.
Getting up just an hour earlier than your usual time will make a huge difference. The morning is a great time to study your difficult lessons or revise, exercise, and have breakfast on time. Getting up early will make you feel relaxed even after you return from school.
In order to wake up early, you must sleep early. Therefore, the two go hand in hand.


Reduce distractions

The best way to reduce distractions is to sit in a study area without a TV or electronic gadgets that can distract you. Distractions can also occur when you are hungry or tired without being sleep-deprived. Ensure you get enough sleep and consume healthy food.
Taking regular breaks and studying in small chunks will help you stay focused. Short breaks are necessary every hour or after completing a particular topic. Avoid distractions by setting limits such as “Finish Chapter 1 by 5:30 pm”.
Therefore, limit distractions as much as possible. This will save you a valuable amount of time.


Get tutoring help when you need it

Get help if you have difficulty mastering a certain concept or subject. Find an expert tutor or ask your school teachers for help instead of wasting hours poring over the subject you find challenging to study.


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